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Royal Naval Writers Association

Formed in 1887 - The Oldest Military Association

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Become a Member


The RNWA was established in 1887 to provide a medium for the interaction of its members, to develop and enhance the standing of the branch and its exponents regardless of current or previous titles, and to meet and socialise through an annual dinner and various other events.

With the pace of change in the modern Royal Navy, and life in general, it is believed to be essential that we, as an Association, do not lose sight of the rationale behind our formation, and that we work to foster and develop the legacy of our branch in perpetuity.


Membership is open to all active or retired members of the Royal Navy or Royal Naval Reserve who are/were:

  • Members of the Logistics (Writer) branch, regardless of rank held.
  • Retired members of the Logistics (Writer) Branch, and retired members of the former Writer Branch of the Supply and Secretariat Specialisation, including those that were formerly sub-categorised as “Pay”, “General” “Shorthand” or “Personnel”
  • Those that are active or retired as above, that were or have been commissioned during their service.
  • Those that recategorised into or out of the Writer branch at any time.

In short, if you have EVER worn the “Writer” designation, you are eligible to join the Royal Naval Writers Association, and your membership will be very welcome!


The Association is a “not for profit” organisation that aims to keep costs and expenses to a minimum.  From 1 January 2024, .the costs are as follows:
  • An initial, once only, joining fee of £10.00
  • An annual subscription, by bank Standing Order, of £10.00
Please now complete the online application below.  Once received by the Membership Secretary, further direct contact will be made to advise the method of payment, and to formalise your acceptance into membership.