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Royal Naval Writers Association

Formed in 1887 - The Oldest Military Association

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Royal Naval Writers’ Association

The World’s Oldest Military Association – Est. 1887

RNWA 160323 Minutes and Reunion Attendees

Royal Naval Writers’ Association (RNWA) Committee & Members meeting held                                                      

19:30 Thursday 16th March 2023   

Held virtually via Google Teams – see Hyper Link:-


Colin Hughes (CH) – President

Pat Prior BEM QVRM (PP) – Vice-President & Treasurer

Les Heyhoe BCAv        (LH) – Secretary & Membership

Tony Mason                 (TM) – Committee Member

David Spicer                (DS) – Committee Member

Lyn Gannon                (LG) – Committee Member                                        

Mike Moncur            (MM) – Member

Member Apologies:

Tony Webber (TW) – Committee Member

Jim Donaldson (JD) – Committee Member

Member Apologies:

Kathryn Simmons (KS) – Member

  1. ‘Crossed the Bar’ (CTB)

No one present was aware of any member ‘Crossing the Bar’ since the last meeting held. CH has had the Webmaster update the RNWA’s website regarding ascertaining details in respect of funeral arrangements for a bugler and standard bearer.      

       2. Minutes

The minutes of Thursday 2nd February 2023 were proposed by LG and seconded by PP and were taken as read with no further or additional comments by those present.

  1. Treasurer’s Update

PP advised as at close of business Wednesday 15th March 2023 the current financial situation was:-   £6,066.07 –   Note: £1,506.50 ‘ring fenced’ for National Arboretum (NMA) & £65.00 for Memorial Bench.

  1. A £500.00 deposit has been paid for the Friday 11th October 2024 137th RNWA Reunion Dinner being held at the Royal Maritime Club (RMC), 75-80 Queen Street, Portsea, Portsmouth PO1 3HS – Date for your diary / diaries.
  2. PP expressed concern regarding the net worth of finances which stood at £1,742.00 after the audit which took place in February 2023. A lengthy discussion followed, and it was agreed that for 2024 a view was to be undertaken to reduce outgoing expenditure by various means such as the newsletter being photocopied in black and white which would substantially reduce costs.   
  1. Membership

i. New Members:- 

a. Sue Walters of Portchester (’77-’98 / CPOWtr) .

b. Tracey Penfold-Green (nee Wells) of Purbrook (’78-’87 / LWtr(G)
Both the above proposed by LH and seconded by CH effective March 2023.

ii. Membership as 16th March 2023, of:-

3 Honorary Members

28 Life Members

208 Members

239 Total Membership

iii. 7 Membership outstanding for 2022 = £ 70.00

3 Outstanding Jan – Feb 2023 = £ 30.00

50 Outstanding Apr – Dec 2023 = £250.00 + £250.00 for 2024

        5. Any Other Busines

  1. For the 136th Reunion Dinner being held Friday 13th October 2023, LH advised that as at today there were 38 attendees – see Appendix A. for Alphabetical List of attendees – which was a better response at this stage then in previous years.
  2. The Grand National draw was down in comparison to last year’s entrants with £997.00 having been received, however there remains approximately another 4 weeks for members to return their stubs and make payment – closing date is Monday 10th April. LH will approach the RNWA’s webmaster to forward a reminder via the newsletter email distribution.
  3. CH had received an invitation to attend at 13:30 Wednesday 3rd May the Defence College of Logistics, Policing & Administration (DCLPA) to present the ‘Writer of the Year’ trophy (in the meantime the winners name will be provided so it can be engraved when announced). CH will establish if a guest can accompany him in which case if yes, then LG will accompany CH with LH as reserve.
  4. Members Pat & Lesley McCarthy visited DCLPA this month and CH was requested to liaise with them regarding feedback for writing a brief ‘blog’ of their visit for display on the website.
  5. It was noted that CH has now received gauntlets for the RNWAs future funeral attendance, and the ‘Crossing the Bar Kit’ was now complete.
  6. Sophie the RNWA’s webmaster has completed the latest update on with the latest Reunion gallery photographs including the Guest of Honour videos so please take the opportunity, time and effort to view the site and feedback any comments. An all-round good job BZ                       

There  being no further business the meeting adjourned 20:12.

Next Meeting Thurs.19:30 18th May via

Les Heyhoe BCAv

RNWA Secretary &Membership

H: 023 9235 7181 / M: 07494 150563


18th March 2023    

RNWA – Minutes 160323           



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