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Royal Naval Writers Association

Formed in 1887 - The Oldest Military Association

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Royal Naval Writers’ Association

The World’s Oldest Military Association – Est. 1887

Annual General Meeting 13th October 2023

Royal Naval Writers’ Association (RNWA) – Annual General Meeting 17:30 Friday 13th October 2023 held at The Queen’s Hotel Southsea.


Colin Hughes (CH) – President
Pat Prior BEM QVRM (PP) – Vice-President & Treasurer
Les Heyhoe BCAv (LH) – Secretary & Membership
Tony Mason (TM) – Committee Member
David Spicer (DS) – Committee Member
Lyn Gannon (LG) – Committee Member
Phil Allen MBE (PA) – Member
Jane Ballard (JB) – Member
Richard Dickson (RD) – Member
Greta Grindell (GG) – Member
Vince Hawkins (VH) – Member
Steve Heggie (SH) – Member
Don McGeorge (DM) – Member
Kathyrn Simmons (KS) – Member
Jed Stone OBE (JS) – Member

Committee Member Apologies
Tony Webber (TW)
Jim Donaldson (JD)

Member Apologies
David Hill (DH)
Nancy Hill (NH)
David Kelly (DK)
Bill Whaley (BW)
Denis Alger (DA)
David Allsopp (DA)
Lester May (LM)
Jim Danks (JD)
Mike Moncur (MM)
Bob Milliard (BM)
Richard Coupe (RC)
Andy Whitfield (AW)

1. Minutes
The minutes of the AGM Friday 14th October 2022 were proposed by TM and seconded by DA and were taken as read with no further or additional comments by those present.

2. Treasurer’s Report
PP opened by stating that the 2022 audited accounts have been available to be viewed on the RNWA’s website since February 2023 in order that members could see the income and expenditure and any questions answered. To-date none received.
The ‘opening balance’ for 2023 was £3,870.00. In this total is included £1,506.50 and £65.00 ‘ring fenced’ and treated as ‘restrictive funds’ for the Arboretum and Benches respectively.
A quick summary of this year’s finances shows a profit from the Grand National Draw of £532.00
The 136th Reunion Dinner being held 13th October 2023 has resulted in an expenditure exceeding income by £562.79 which has been sufficiently covered by the profit received via the Grand National Draw plus £30.79.
Therefore, as at midday 13th October 2023 the RNWA account balance stood at £3,291.06 (less (£1,471.50 for restrictive funds) and a true reflective figure is £1,819.56 plus £500.00 that has been paid as a deposit for the 2024 Reunion Dinner.

3. Membership
Membership as of 12th October 2023 comprises of:- .

3 Honorary Members
29 Life Members
218 Members
250 Total Membership

No movement in numbers and by coincidence the same as reported at the 2022 AGM despite a record 18 new members for 2023 and this is due to lapses, resignations and deaths equaling the new members total.

3 Outstanding membership contributions for 2022 – i.a.w Rule 6bi. Iii lapsing in January 2024.
16 Outstanding membership contributions due 2023 – February to December .
59 Membership contributions due to renew in 2024.
61 Membership contributions due to renew in 2025.

Membership as of 12th October 2023 comprises of:-

14 Serving Members
9 Male
5 Female
6% Serving Members 2023
83% Serving Members 1973 – 50 yr. comparison.

Everyone was again reminded by LH to ensure maximum promotion of the RNWA amongst the Writer community by whatever means.

4. Elections
LH commenced by saying that due to personal reasons and after 25 years in the dual roles as The Secretary & Membership Secretary he was resigning, and the positions were therefore vacant with the following submitting their names to fulfill the roles of:-.

Secretary – Lyn Gannon (LG) Proposed by: TM Seconded By: DS
Membership Secretary – Don McGeorge (DM) Proposed by: CH Seconded By: VH
All those in attendance were unanimous in the election of the above, together with the re-election for a further year of the existing committee in the following positions of:-

President – Colin Hughes (CH)
Vice-President & Treasurer Pat Prior BEM QVRM (PP)
Committee Member – Tony Mason (TM)
Committee member – David Spicer (DS)
Committee Member – Tony Webber (TW)
Committee Member – Jim Donaldson (JD)

PA on behalf of the member attendees and all the membership, gave a ‘vote of thanks’ to the RNWA Committee, which was seconded by JS, and a very special note of thanks (seconded by RD) to LH for his past 25 years of effort and dedication to the RNWA which was greatly appreciated by everyone.

5. Crossed The Bar (2023)
CH would during his ‘Reply Speech’ mention those members that had ‘Crossed the Bar’ since the last AGM i.e.
10th January George Mytom-Hart BEM of Fareham Hampshire
16th January Ken Baish of Esher Surrey
31st January Richard Lawrence of E. Grinsted West Sussex
1st May John Ballinger of Stroud Gloucestershire
15th August Peter Wead of Boro Green Kent

All the above had previously been mentioned and minuted at prior Committee & Members scheduled meetings whereby a minutes silence was held prior to the meeting in their memory and annotated accordingly in the relevant section on the RNWA’s website of

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 17:55 and LH thanked everyone for their attendance, input, and support, wishing the RNWA Committee every success in going forward to maintain and continue ‘the world’s oldest military association’.

Next Annual General Meeting & 137th Reunion Dinner to be held Friday 11th October 2024 – time & room location & details TBA with Reunion Dinner Guest of Honour Vice Admiral Andy Kyte, Chief of Defense Logistics and Support (CDLS),

75-80 Queen St, Portsea, Portsmouth PO1 3HS
Next RNWA scheduled Committee & Members meeting: Thursday 16th November 2023 – TBA by LG.

Les Heyhoe BCAv
‘Outgoing’ RNWA Secretary & Membership H: 023 9235 7181 / M: 07494 150563 Email: 17th October 2023

RNWA – AGM Minutes 131023


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