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Royal Naval Writers Association

Formed in 1887 - The Oldest Military Association

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Royal Naval Writers’ Association

The World’s Oldest Military Association – Est. 1887

Newsletter – February 2020

Royal Naval Writers’ Association

Newsletter – February 2020

The World’s Oldest Military Association – Est. 1887 –

Foreword from the President

Fellow Scribes,

I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and did not put on too much weight; if you did then there is always the Gym.

It was gratifying to see such a great turnout for the 132nd Annual Reunion Dinner on 11th October 2019.

I contacted the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) by email as I promised at the dinner to ascertain the state of play reference our memorial request and surprise, surprise we were overlooked. I did receive an apology and a ‘phone call from one of the fundraising staff who informed me that they had ‘run out of land’, the status quo as at April 2019, they could have come clean then! I was also informed that it will be at least 2 years before the way ahead is decided. The staff have

come up with a stop gap solution namely “Tribute Tiles”. These can be viewed on their website and are made of accoya wood, measure 200 x 250 x 11mm and are principally for individuals. They last a minimum of 5 years before being recycled. Having presented these facts and pictures at the first Committee meeting of the New Year on the 16th January ‘20 it was unanimously decided that the Tiles were not acceptable and did not offer value for money. The Committee decided that more research was necessary to ascertain the provision of a more robust memorial which would be acceptable to all parties and was financially viable for the RNWA.

Meanwhile rest assured the funds already held i.e. £832.31 will remain ‘ring fenced’ solely for the proposed NMA. I will keep you informed of progress, in the meantime let’s look forward to spring and some warmer weather.

Further information and answers to questions have since been received regarding the NMA and can be viewed under a section on the website – Please read and let me ‘have your thoughts and comments’ so I can take forward for March’s mtg.

I know our Secretary will have plenty to say on the arrangements for the Grand National Draw and our Reunion Dinner, so rather than steal his thunder, may I ask you to, as always support the association and purchase the GN draw tickets and attend the 133rd Reunion Dinner 9th October 2020.

Colin Hughes

RNWA President

3 Barnes Lane Sarisbury Green Southampton Hants. SO31 7DA

Tel. 01489 573101 Email:-

Election of Officers

At the Annual General Meeting of 2019 the following were re-elected

Colin Hughes – President Les Heyhoe BCAv – Secretary & Membership

Pat Prior BEM QVRM Treasurer

Committee Members Mike Moncur
George Mytom-Hart BEM Tony Webber

Elected New Member Lyn Gannon

‘Crossed the Bar’


As at 31st January 2020:- . 3 Honorary Members

. 29 Life Members 238 Members 270 Total

Reduction in membership due to 12 members being ‘Lapsed’ as a result of outstanding contributions from 2018 – see minutes of 16th January 2020.

Included in the 238 Members are the following who will receive Life Membership in 2020 Keith Williams of Waltham Abbey (March) / Richard Coupe OBE of Wellington Somerset (April) / David Turner of Altringham (May) / David Hill & Nancy Hill of Plymouth (June) and Robert Carr of Gosport (August). All will be receiving complimentary invitations to the RNWA Reunion Dinner 9th October 2020.

The RNWA Database indicates that forty-six members have for 2019 outstanding contributions due and if you are one of them a ‘payment advice’ is attached. APOLOGIES now if this is incorrect so please contact us to set the records straight!? ….. or make the necessary payment please asap:-

Lloyds Bank plc 30-96-26 Account No. 34521468 Email amount & date **

133rd Reunion Dinner Friday 9th October at Southsea £35 & £45

Full information and details are enclosed separately. Also, all details are on the website

2019 Reunion Dinner – Rear Admiral Phil Hally MBE with member Gordan Wilkinson (AKA Gordan Peters) who joined the RN as a Writer during 1944.


Grand National – April

Please do your best to sell the enclosed tickets (3books–5toabook) for this year’s Grand National i.e. at £1 per ticket and £5.00 the book. Payment can be made direct online ** just quote Ref: GN

Without your effort and support the RNWA would find it extremely difficult to survive financially on its existing costs.

Les Heyhoe BCAv

Newsletter Editor & Producer RNWA Secretary & Membership


Tel. 023 9235 7181 or 07494 150563

Roland ‘Nick’ Carter of Waterlooville Hants. RIP – 10/11/2019
Frank Hookham of Clayton-Le-Dale Lancs. RIP – 07/12/2019

Gordon Kershaw of Alicante Spain, RIP – 19/12/2019

Former RNWA President Nick Carter had a good ‘send-off’ with bugler and four standards present.

Gordon was the Secretary’s CPO Wtr. at HMS Collingwood and I’m sure some of you also served with him. He died, aged 81, in Moreira, on the Costa Blanca, Spain where he had set up a travel agency business and lived there for some decades. Gordan served 1955-1977 in HM Ships Torquay, Hardy, Hermes (1966-69) and ashore in HM Ships Mauritius, St Angelo, Aphrodite and Collingwood. His second wife, Pamela, died in 2012.

As is customary, a minute’s silence was held in their memory, prior to the start of the January Committee meeting.


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